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  • SOCCER CLEATS are NOT permitted on any of the indoor fields, All Players MUST wear TURF SOCCER SHOES. No Exceptions will be made.

  • Any player who is found to be under the influence or have alcohol or drug products in their possession will face immediate suspension and issued a red. The team to which the player belongs to will immediately forfeit the game (3- 0 loss). 

  • Any player involved in a physical altercation while on the property of Total Soccer Arena will be assessed a suspension at the discretion of staff/referee. The player will be required to provide photo ID and contact info to our staff immediately for our records.

  • Total Soccer Arena management reserves the right to impose increased sanctions when reviewing the severity of any given incident. Sanctions may include a probationary period or a long-term suspension.

·       FIFA rules in apply unless otherwise noted.




  • All players must present a TSA ID card before the game.

  • All players accounts must be paid in full and registered on a roster to play on a team.

  • Team rosters including signed waivers must be turned in before the 5th game of the season. Roster and waivers must be signed by all players. 

  • Guest players are only permitted by permission of the opposing team captain. 

  • A single player can only be on one roster in one division. 

  • Away team changes colors in case of a jersey color conflict. Suggestion: Bring two different color jerseys. 

  • All players must be 18 years of age at the beginning of the season.

  • Players age 16 and 17 will be allowed to play in adult leagues, with the approval and signature of their parent or legal guardian. The parents or legal guardians must sign a waiver  and release form and submit valid proof of age document of the minor. ( birth certificate, State ID or Passport)



  • All free kicks are direct. Scooping is not allowed, striking the ball in one motion.

  • No off sides are permitted.

  • Absolutely no sliding with or without the ball. No exceptions. 
    Clarification: A slide will be called when any part of your arm, hand or knee makes contact with the ground.

  • No jewelry should be worn during games.

  • Shin guards and proper soccer attire are required.

  • Coed leagues require a minimum of two females on the field.

  • If the ball hits the ceiling net within the penalty box, it will result in a direct free kick 3 steps outside of the box.

  • If the ball hits the ceiling net outside the penalty box it will result in a direct free kick.



  • The ball must be placed on the penalty spot 2 steps outside of the box. The Player then stands behind the ball.

  • If a team is down by 5 goals the referee is to offer an optional extra player if captains agree. 



  • A pass back to goalie must be inadvertent or from the knee up. The Goalie can dribble the ball back into the goal box and pick it up only when received from an opposing player.

  • The goalie cannot use his or her hands when the ball is thrown in from his or her own team.



  • The clock begins 10 minutes after the official game time. A game is declared a forfeit when the clock reaches 17 minutes. 

  • 4 players are the minimum required at all times. 

  • If the team walks off the field before the game is finished, they forfeit.



  • League games are played between 3:00 PM and 12:00 AM. Each team must play two late games per season. 

  • Total Soccer Arena reserves the right to change league and game schedules as it deems appropriate based on field availability. 

  • It is the team manager's responsibility to be aware of the schedule and time format.

  • Duration of games are two 24-minute halves. 30 second time out in each half allowed for each team. There is No time out permitted within the final minute of play.

  • Leagues scheduled every 50 minutes will start exactly at the scheduled game time.

  • Clock should stop only for serious injury or time out (only on hourly leagues). Timeouts only for team in possession of the ball during stoppage of play, ex: throw-in, goal-kick, free-kick. 

    Some leagues have been scheduled for games every 50 minutes. No timeouts are allotted in these leagues. 

  • Teams are expected to arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled game-time to ensure full 48 min game is played and avoid delays or loss of game-time.

  • A player has 5 seconds to put the ball back in play. 

  • A yellow card is issued for intentional delay of the game.



The team Manager has to summit a postpone game request to the league coordinator no later than 48 hours prior to the scheduled game. 



  • Teams and substitute players are to remain in the designated home or visitor bench area.

  • Substitutions are performed on the fly except for the Goalie.  There is no stoppage of play for substitutions.

  • The players leaving should be completely off the field before substitutes enter. Enter/Exit should be from teams' respective bench area.



  • Players/coaches who have been issued a red card are automatically suspended for a minimum of 1 week. The suspended player/coach is not permitted to play/coach in any division on that given night. Example: A player/coach receives a red card on a 1st division team on Wednesday night. That player/coach cannot play/coach on any team, in any division the same and following Wednesday.

  • 2nd yellow equals red. 

  • Blue and yellow card equal a two-minute suspension.

  • Teams play short if a Yellow or Red card is issued. 

  • Blue card teams do not play short. 

  • Red card - team plays short the remainder of game. (Management is to determine the number of games a player is suspended for a red card.)

  • A yellow card is issued for intentional delay of time.

  • Player who receive a yellow card during a game, will be bench for a period of 2 minutes before they are allowed back in the field.



Other Specific rules

  • Sunday Women’s league- Group B, one (1) Impact player (competitive player) is permitted per team.

  • Sunday Women’s League-Beginners.

  • There is no restriction on the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper is NOT permitted to use her feet out of the penalty box.

  • Monday Men's over 40- Only one younger player (not younger than 37 years old) is permitted to play per team.

  • Tuesday Men's over 33- Two younger players (not younger than 30 years) are allowed but both younger players are not allowed on the field at the same time. 


* Violation of Any of The Above Regulations May Result in Suspension from The Facility

*No Refunds Are Issued for Suspensions

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